Why use Craftbay to sell online!

Craftbay marketplace is an online marketplace where you can sell authentic handmade Irish gifts. We encourage all craft producers living in Ireland to set up an E commerce shop and strengthen the Irish craft community. With the internet you can now sell your crafts globally.

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But why should you join Craftbay as a seller ?

First of all it is easier to manage than your own website and it is much cheaper! It costs you only  €49 per year and 6% commission when you sell a product. To build  your own E commerce  website it could cost approx €1500 plus a yearly hosting fee of €79. Moreover it is easier for small shops to get a lot of people to buy their products. Although  Craftbay is just 1 year old  it has already many visitors on their page and if you create your own nice Craft shop on the website you will profit more from it than from your own website.

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We promote our Irish crafters on Facebook, Twitter, Googe+ and Pinterest so you get much more attention.  We do all the marketing with social media for you that you can lean back and enjoy your success.

Social Media

With Craftbay you can set up an unlimited shop where you can list unlimited amounts of products. Moreover you will be featured on the home page on a rotational basis once you add a good description, shipping fees and return policy. We also feature your products on the trending page and in our weekly newsletter to over 15,000 buyers that have expressed interest in Discovering Irish Crafts.


Craftbay advertises its products on all their social media feeds and share them with many people. Our latest news show our customers an shoppers your shops and videos.

These facts should might convince you to join Craftbay.

So join our Irish Craft & Design community and  Create your shop now.


A Round Up Of The Best Handmade Craft of 2014

Do you love making handmade gifts? In our book, there’s nothing better than blessing somebody with craft you’ve created with your own two hands. What’s more, every time you choose to shop with an independent crafter such as those featured on Craftbay, you’re not only contributing to the local economy and paying somebody’s income, you’re helping them follow their creative passions.

Check some of our favourite handmade craft we’ve seen in 2014…

Instagram coasters


The popularity of Instagram has rocketed in 2014 and there are all sorts of cool things you can do now with the pictures you’ve taken. Simply take an awesome image (with a funky filter, of course) print it out, stick on a coaster and gloss over the top. It’s a great way of bringing still pictures to life and making somebody smile.

Custom necklaces


These beautiful statement pieces that drape around your neck just ooze sophistication. Whether you want to create a personalised charm that speaks to you or a cool combination, there’s an array of different designs you can go for that are really easy to make.

Wall art


Brighten up your surroundings by using your favourite quote or song lyric to turn any room into a creative masterpiece. It’s really simple to accomplish and is a brilliantly fun way to decorate. Besides, wallpaper is so 2013.

iPhone holder


Instead of losing your precious mobile down the back of the furniture every 5 minutes, keep it safe and protected by creating a stand for it. Spectacularly pointless but amazing nonetheless.

Neck pillow


We can all suffer from a dodgy neck or pain in your shoulders from time to time, and while standard pillows are okay, they’re not half as affective as a customised one. After you know how to make one of these, you can kiss goodbye to all those previous aches and pains.

Rustic picture frame


By joining together pieces of real rustic looking wood, you can create a stunning photo frame that will enhance any picture you put inside. Chic and shabby is the name of the game, with a distressed finish to create that vintage look.

Sharpie mug


Sharpie mugs are all over Pinterest right now and you can understand why. Every time we see them, we think, “We should totally try that!” They are so easy to do, literally all you need is a few different coloured sharpies, one mug and a creative imagination to come up with a cool design.

Sock monkeys


We all know receiving socks are a rubbish gift, but getting sock monkeys on the other hand; hello! This classic, goofy present has been keeping kids (and some adults admittedly) entertained for years and with a little hard work and determination, these friendly critters are what great crafting is all about.

Why You Should Forget The High Street And Have A Handmade Christmas


Forget Amazon. Forget eBay. They aren’t the be all and end all when it comes to gift giving this Christmas. Talking to people and those who are passionate about making handmade craft, they are getting increasingly frustrated at the exploitation of this holiday season in order for big companies to earn bigger profits. There must be a better way…

We’ve already been inundated with Christmas TV adverts depicting tear-jerking imagery and storylines that pull at your heartstrings. Very clever indeed, but what you don’t see in these adverts are the fact that these very places are driving small shops out of business. There sheer monopoly on the market means they can dictate prices and force competitors to drop their prices for less and less and less and until they are unable to do so any longer.

That a shift in the culture has taken place is beyond doubt and the spirit of Christmas is getting lost in translation. Rather than buying excessively, wouldn’t it be more meaningful to purchase thoughtful, heartfelt gifts to our loved ones? After all it’s this thought that counts, right? And these good intentions don’t lead you down the path of crappy gifts either.

When you buy a handmade item from a craft community such as Craftbay, you aren’t helping fund an extra-ordinarily wealthy CEO’s offshore bank account; your money is going directly to the people who made these products. You’re helping pay mortgages, put food on the table, fund kids football and dance class lessons. This is why we believe so strongly in helping craft creators, so they get the money they deserve and can carry on producing such wonderful items for our enjoyment.

By purchasing something handmade this Christmas, you’re getting something completely unique, something that nobody else has ever owned that is bespoke to you, the customer. Although handmade products may appear a tad more expensive, it’s because these aren’t mass-produced, created from the other side of the world in socially unacceptable working conditions and then shipped over for our culture to benefit. When you consider the time, care and precision that went in to the making of these products, it’s actually very good value for money.

So what we’re saying is support local artists, designers and makers, visit craft fairs and markets and purchase beauty in the form of handmade craft. Leave the mass-produced tat on the supermarket shelves this year, keep buying local and give something unique this Christmas.

10 Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Make At Home  

Hey everyone! The Christmas holidays really are a magical time of year, and what with a few days off work and some free time on your hands, it’s a perfect opportunity to get busy creating something really special for your family house or to give to loved ones. So check out some of these wonderful gift ideas that you can make from the comfort of your own home…

An advent calendar

Nothing gets you more excited about Christmas than a handmade advent calendar. The kids will love it and the delightful treat-a-day ideas make the holiday season even more memorable.

Turn toys in to Christmas decs

We’re betting you have lots of old discarded toys laying about the house that you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of for sentimental reasons. So how about transforming them in to Christmas decorations for the tree or mantelpiece and give them a new lease of life.

Scattered pinecones

Not the hardest of gifts to make but they look just as effective when dotted around the house or on the tree. If you want to get a little more creative, why not make a picture frame out of them, having a set really creates something fantastic and authentic to look at.

Make a real wreath

An alternative wreath – as opposed to one that you can buy at the store – is a wonderfully stylish gift to give to somebody. Whether traditional or trendy, these will be sure to bring the spirit of Christmas to your home.

Festival biscuits

From cookies, to shortbread, bake up a storm in the kitchen this festive season. There’s no better way to say Merry Christmas with a biscuit or two alongside a cup of tea. Perfect for sharing but if you fancy keeping them all for yourself, we won’t tell!

Handmade Christmas cards

We’re sure you’ll agree when we say that receiving a handmade Christmas card is a lot more valuable and meaningful than one you can buy at your local supermarket where not much thought goes in to it at all. If you’ve never made one, now’s the time to start. They’re ever so easy to make and the reactions of the people you give them too are well worth the effort.

Create a sublime centrepiece

When all the family’s sitting around the table, a centrepiece can definitely be that finishing touch to make it look extra special. So get inspired, all you need is a few basic, inexpensive craft supplies and a Christmas themed table topper can be the focal point of your festive season.

Sweetie jars

You’ll need some place to put all the festive treats after beavering away in the kitchen for so long making Christmas sweeties. So making use of some empty jam jars can be a perfect personalised Christmas gift for somebody with a sweet tooth.

A DIY Gingerbread house

Creating a fairytale-style Gingerbread house is a festive tradition that can bring the whole family together. Creating ever so sweet details like a light dusting of snow can add real charm and is the stuff of magical Christmas memories. A perfect gift for the kids.

Authentic Irish Gifts For Your Family At Christmas

The Christmas countdown is on. Are you as excited as we are?

Yes, it’s that time of year again where we welcome in to our world the relentless entanglement of fairy lights, ridiculous reindeer jumpers and the infamous Coca-Cola television advert. We love Christmas because it gets us excited about the thought of gift giving, or in our case, craft creating. Sure you can always go to your local high street and pick up bits and bobs without much thought going in to it, but we think it is extra special when you give, or get given gifts that are handmade. Of course, we love handmade products more than anything and our website contains a whole host of craft where creators have carefully thought and executed truly beautiful products.

We truly believe that promoting the handmade community is not only about advocating Irish craft, but about making consumers aware that buying unique products made by true artists is the way to go. Who really wants something that you can buy from any old chain store that 1 million other people have in their homes? The great thing about buying from Craftbay is customisation. Because every item is handmade, they can be modified and created to your choosing. Whether this is changing the colour of something or perhaps to contain a personalised message, this is all achievable and the possibilities really are endless.

On top of getting the exact product you want, the buying, user-friendly experience really is wonderful. You gain a real sense of satisfaction knowing that your money went to the actual artisan whose hard work and endeavour created the product in the first place. It’s this direct contact and intimacy that is what we love to see and what we value more than anything. Forget shop cashier’s, management, manufacturers, producers and all the other levels of hierarchy. All you have to do to sell on our creative community is to set up a seller account, add your shop details, payment methods and you’re off. It really is that simple.

So this Christmas, if you don’t create craft yourself, give something truly special and check out the vast selection of products that would make truly wonderful gifts. From art, jewellery as well as household and garden furniture, is really couldn’t be easier to buy quality Irish craft. And what’s more, you avoid all those crowded stores with gigantic queues. Shop online and avoid people all together and save time and money in the process.

We encourage each and every one of you to buy handmade this year; we promise that you won’t regret it. What product on our website would you love to give somebody this festive period?

The Digital Opportunity For Irish Craft Makers

Do you create craft but have no idea of where to market your handmade creations? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we’re here to help.

Selling your arts and craft has never been easier and there are now huge opportunities for creative people to not only sell their work to an engaged audience, but also to market your brand on the internet and build up a loyal online following.

Today, the digital world has opened up a great window of opportunity for creative sellers and now you have a chance to showcase your Irish craft to thousands of consumers. You can set up your own website for a sizable sum of money, alternatively if you don’t have the time, money or desire to do this, there are fully dedicated sites for artists and crafters, like Craftbay, that can help sell your items.

Here at Craftbay, we are a marketplace dedicated to buying and selling all things handmade from Ireland with people coming to our site for a variety of reasons. You can buy both unique and affordable items but it is the sense of community that makes us special. We strongly encourage our crafters to build relationships with potential buyers and it’s through these personal connections and the ability to communicate directly through such platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that is really rewarding and satisfying to see and has given craft a new lease of life.

Whatever your niche, craft, or creative expression, there are an abundance of digital opportunities out there for Irish crafters and the potential for online marketing is not to be underestimated in the modern world. You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into your work and we want to see your effort rewarded and find the largest possible audience for you to share your creativity with. You deserve it.

No matter how little experience you have using the Internet, with our help you can be an effective practitioner. One of the amazing things about working with the online world is that a single tweet can be seen by thousands of people. On our Craftbay Twitter page we have over 17,000 engaged followers who interact with us on a daily basis and we regularly promote the products featured on our community. Because we are connected to this amount of reach, it means we have leverage and the potential to reach audiences far and wide.

If you’ve yet to register with us, just follow the link at the bottom of this blog and complete the steps, it really is that easy to begin promoting. Add your seller details, payment methods and you’re off. All products will be displayed for 4 months or until the product has sold out. We are trying to create a community of Irish sellers on one platform for buyers around the world, so choose Craftbay today and we’ll put you in front of the audience you deserve.

New to CraftBay? Seller Register Now!

Supporting Local Irish Craft Makers

In a time where big businesses are dominating the headlines for all the wrong reasons, supporting local businesses is more important now than ever before. More and more we are hearing about how corporations are continually turning over massive amounts of money but are cheating the tax system in the UK. Clearly it’s time for consumers to take a stand. We setup Craftbay for this very purpose – to support local Irish craft makers and to be able to showcase their handmade creations to an international audience. Here’s why you should support your local Irish Craft makers:


Buying local keeps your purchases unique. Does it annoy you as much as us when you travel to a different part of the world and everything – from the shopping centre to the shops themselves – are exactly the same as the ones you have at home? Our local craft makers design unique products that are truly one of a kind.

The local economy

When you resist the urge of buying craft from the ‘corporations’ you instead support local creators, keeping the money in your community, which in turn is used to make purchases from other local businesses. Invest in your local area rather than lining the pockets of the fat cats. We need to contribute to a new economic model as the old one clearly isn’t working.

Conscious spending

In line with the last point, people need to be more conscious of where their hard earned money is being spent. Talent and hard-word should be rewarded and it is crucial that generations growing up remember that craftspeople are using recycled and discarded materials to the benefit of the environment. Overseas sweatshops and poor working conditions are a direct result of big businesses trying to cut costs.


Purchase your craft from those who revel and enjoy making it. Rather than just a means to an end; love, affection, care and precision goes in to the craft we showcase on our website. The creators’ love what they do and it shows.

When something is handmade – rather than mass produced – you feel more attached to that product. It’s knowing the difference between the price of something compared to its real value. There’s a feeling that resonates deep within us, knowing that the crafter was mindful and deliberate about each button, each stitch and each thread. This positive energy and connection with authenticity, originality and creativity is why we support Irish craft makers and why we will continue to strive and endorse buying locally.